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SWITCH1 and SWITCH2 both look the same!

SWITCH1 provides a general purpose electrical output from a RC receiver to control ancillary equipment, providing a single general purpose switch transistor for remote control.

The device is the same size as a standard gentWIRE-FOCUS with
a single red LED indicating operating and a small 3pin connector, providing access to the RC battery and an open collector transistor output driving up to 100mA in the circuit you want to control.

The device comes with three operating modes which allow two devices to be connected to the same channel and give various switching configurations.

SWITCH2 is the same as SWITCH1 but has 2 open collector outputs (and 2 LEDs) that are activated progressively as the RC channel is changed, again similar in operation to gentWIRE-FOCUS

More information: Operating Manual SWITCH1,  Operating Manual SWITCH2

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SWITCH1 RC electric driver 13.95 016 buy
SWITCH2 RC double electric driver 26.95 018 buy
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