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gentLED-SHUTTER is small, lightweight and easy to use with a RC control system.

is our solution to trigger digital stills cameras with IR capability. It can be triggered directly from a standard Radio Control (RC) system, or by any switch contact via the "blue wire". Comes with a 25cm (10") 3-pin standard servo lead, & weighs 4grams.

Features are:
normal operation: Movement of the RC Transmitter stick from one extreme to the other will trigger the camera. 
continuous operation: This allows multiple pictures to be taken if the RC servo control is held in the on position. This is useful if you want the camera to keep taking pictures automatically.
The further the "joystick" is held over in the on position the faster the repeat rate,
decreasing from 5 seconds to 1 second. Note: not all cameras will support 1 second.
switch operation: This is an extra blue wire to the device which if shorted to black triggers the device . This allows triggering with either a RC channel, and/or any device that can short two wires together.
repeat operation: When enabled this makes the gentled trigger the camera every 25seconds even if no trigger is received. This option is enabled by shorting the switch's blue wire to black at power-up. Please note that the gentLED-SHUTTER is not an adjustable intervalometer - see gentLED-AUTO.

More information: Operating Manual.

gentLED-ZOOM is small, lightweight and easy to use with a RC system.

allows control of the zoom via another channel on the RC receiver. This channel is center biased (like a standard RC control stick) and pushing the stick in either direction will zoom in and out. Comes with a 25cm (10") 3-pin standard servo lead & weighs 4grams.

More information: Operating Manual.

Note: To control shutter and zoom you will need to purchase two devices. Also note that the Pentax zoom doesn't give full control of the zoom, but is limited by the camera to three pre-set focal lengths, for the extremes and center of the lens on the camera.

IR camera control:

Product Accessories        
Join 2 devices together (see below) gentLED-DUO 1.00 DUO buy
Prices shown exclude Sales Tax. This will be added at checkout for UK and EU customers.        

Have two gentLED devices delivered as one unit.

gentLED-DUO allows you to join together 2 gentLEDs in one unit for ease of mounting, as shown in the top unit in the picture.

Order one gentLED-DUO in addition to 2 gentLEDs,
e.g. combine a SHUTTER and a ZOOM for one camera.

Please note that gentLED-SHUTTER and gentLED-ZOOM are designed to be used with a Radio Control system (such as those used with remote controlled planes),
or triggered by a separate electrical signal / system.
For time-lapse or intervalometer use please consider
or genTIMER.

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