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gentWIRE-ARRI controls ARRI movie cameras.

gentWIRE-ARRI 111M offers basic control over camera record
start and stop.
Operation is controlled from a spare channel on the deployment vehicle RC system. Without this device the camera would be run continuously for the entire flight, consuming limited memory.
Also by recording take-off, transitions, and landing, it wastes time and increases clutter in post-production.

gentWIRE-ARRI plugs into the camera EXT port. A red light on the unit indicates operation and can be used for pre-flight checks. The unit weighs only a few grams, and exact operation can be set with the jumper adjacent to the servo lead. Different thresholds can be set for the RC channel in use allowing dual use if channels are limited.

The unit ships with a 15cm removable servo lead and a 20cm camera cable.

More information: gentWIRE-ARRI Manual.

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one extra flexible 30cm
plug to plug servo lead
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