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gentWIRE devices are small, lightweight and easy to use with a RC control system.

gentWIRE-MULTI (181) allows complete control of Sony cameras and camcorders with a MULTI port, using up to 3 channels of a Radio Control (RC) system:

  • Channel 1 control shutter and video REC. If the camera allows, stills and video can be takes together.
  • Channel 2 controls a multi speed zoom, although
    most cameras only support 2 speeds.
  • Channel 3 allows the camera to be switched on and off.
  • As many or as few channels can be used as is necessary,
    unused channels are switched off.
  • Supply from RC system can be between 3 and 12 volts.
  • Auxilliary socket for accessory LED or AUDIO indicator.

This product is supplied with the Sony MULTI plug with 20cm lead
and 3 15cm servo leads, weighing 9 grams, plus 2 grams per 15cm servo lead used.
For basic shutter only control you may want to consider gentWIRE-FOCUS.

gentWIRE-multiLED: an accessory for our MULTI products

gentWIRE-multiLED (186)
is a high intensity LED that can be connected to the AUX port to give a visual indication of camera status:

  • Single flash when PHOTO is captured.
  • On for REC and off for standby.
  • Heartbeat flash to confirm normal operation.
  • Fast flashing for camera communication lost.

gentWIRE-multiAUDIO: an accessory for our MULTI products

gentWIRE-multiAUDIO (185)
provides an audio output designed to be transmitted to the ground-station on the unused audio channel of the video downlink.
Audio tones are sent every 4-5seconds for the following:

  • Camera sets focus (half-press).
  • Shutter release.
  • REC or standby.
  • Camera communication lost.
The unit has a 2nd output with a logic signal indicating REC status.

More information:
MULTI Manual, multiAUDIO & multiLED Manual,
lancAUDIO and multiAUDIO Sample Audio Output.

MULTI interface via RC

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MULTI Product Accessories        
Audio generator gentWIRE-multiAUDIO 21.95 185 buy
REC status light gentWIRE-multiLED 13.95 186 buy
Set of 3 extra flexible 30cm
plug to plug servo leads
servoLEAD 5.00 SM30G buy
Prices shown exclude Sales Tax. This will be added at checkout for UK and EU customers.        

Compatibility Notes

  • This product comes with a right-angled connector for the camera.
    Please ensure you have 20mm clearance for the gentWIRE-MULTI plug.
  • Sony camcorders before 2014 are compatible with sister product gentWIRE-LANC.
  • Zoom speeds achievable on camcorders are slower than cameras.
    We're sorry but the speed is set by the camrea, not our device.

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