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The manual for your product gives details on setting up the channel allocation for SBUS,
this gives product specific information and is the best place to start.

This page gives further generic details on set-up in the form of questions and answers:

What if I want to use the MENU CONTROL channel to control a function in SBUS?
You can allocate this channel to a function just like any other channel. You just have to be sure to SELECT rather than SKIP. So choose the MENU CONTROL for ease of use, being MENU CONTROL doesn't stop it being programmed.

The SET process talks about joy sticks, can I use switches on my transmitter as well?
Yes you can, we show joy-sticks for clarity. Remember to select 2 or 3 position switches with a programmable output to match the requirements in the device function table contained in the manual.

Can I SAVE and RESTART at any time during SET?
Yes. If you have only been in MENU 1, MENU 2 will be unchanged, and vice versa. Also of for example you are in MENU 1 and have programmed the first three functions. If you SAVE and RESTART from this point the remaining functions will be unallocated.

Can I see what channels are programmed into my device?
This is a complicated relationship between our SBUS device, the available camera functions, SBUS channel numbers and the RC transmitter setup. It probably doesn't tell you anything useful even if we could provide a cross-reference table. We recommend you re-program the device if it is integrated into a different system - it's faster to start again than understand the past. We recommend you keep a record of what RC controls on the TX control the camera functions in your flight case. This is subtly different to a detailed mapping of functions and channels.

When programming channels I get rapid flashing on the LED and I cant continue?
You can only program each channel on the RC to one function. Once a channel has been allocated you cannot use it again. Also be careful to make sure any channel or switch used is returned to its setting before programming started and not moved in error. Remember you can abandon SET MODE by removing the power at any time.

I see some functions, e.g. MOVIE, appear in multiple channels how does that work?
This provides choices depending on your flight needs. A good example is functions providing both toggle or momentary action operation, or shared channel usage for uss with limited free channels. In some cases there is an intrelock to prevent both operating together, please read the device manual. It is recommended that you avoid enabling both channels at once OR use switches / centre biased sticks to make sure channels return to IDLE when not in use.

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