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This section contains fault-finding information, useful if the documentation and videos above haven't been able to help you. It is in two parts, first a short list of links to pages of common interest, e.g. Setting SBUS or Power Supplies, followed by specific details to help you with this product.

To fault find it is recommended that the problem is isolated to one area first. To do this use a standard servo, powered at 5volts, to check a PWM channel is working properly on the RC system. Without a known good servo signal available we cannot proceed.

With this known good signal, apply it to function 1, the left most servo connection as shown on the right, the double heartbeat should flash on the LED.
If not check the servo lead and cabling between RC system and 1.

Connect the camera, it should react when the RC channel control is moved from one extreme to the other. If not check the camera IR receive (sometimes called REMOTE) is enabled and that the 739/740 IR emitter is within a few inches of the camera's IR receiver which is usually on the front of the camera.

Finally, check that the camera is on our Camera Compatability List.

If using SBUS did you use the programming guide in the manual (see link at top of page) to allocate SBUS channels to functions? It is extremely unlikely the factory defaults will work. Consult your RC system manual to understand what sticks and switches are available to use on SBUS.

If SBUS programming was successful, a single heartbeat is achieved, but operation gets no response? See the comment about SBUS convertors in the SBUS Set-up link above, you may need to disable error detection.

With the MULTI system, only one signal can be sent to the camera at a time, so return all servo inputs to idle when not in use. This stops repeated signals blocking the interface.

Some commands have longer reaction times (e.g. MOVIE) to prevent accidental activation. You may need to hold the control in place for a couple of seconds. Moving the camera from ON to standby takes up to 3 seconds for the same reasons.

Remember to return controls to idle after activation.






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