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This section contains fault-finding information, useful if the documentation and videos above haven't been able to help you. It is in two parts, first a short list of links to pages of common interest, e.g. Setting SBUS or Power Supplies, followed by specific details to help you with this product.

To fault find it is recommended that the problem is isolated to one area first. To do that use a standard servo, powered at 5volts, to check a PWM channel is working properly on the RC system. Without a known good servo signal available we cannot proceed.

With this known good signal applied in a darkened room view the IR output from gentLED using the screen on the back of your digital camera. Digital cameras are more sensitive to IR than the human eye so they can be used to detect if the IR signal is being generated. You can test this with a standard TV remote control. gentLED will produce a similar signal on the camera display when triggered, if a little shorter and fainter.

Finally check teh camera has the IR shutter activation switched on. This is often in the DRIVE SET-UP menu.






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