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Much wildlife photography is done with telephoto lenses, but Tony Cunningham has been using shorter lenses and remote control to get an alternate view on the wildlife in his garden.

gentLED-SHUTTER is used with this RC system to get close to the birds.
© 2010 Tony Cunningham.

Some manufacturers offer wireless remote control as an accessory, but you can only control the camera. Tony is using a RC system with a gentLED-SHUTTER  and a shoe-mount video camera to give him a flexible system that could also move the camera, as well as allowing operation over considerable distances.

This demonstration has been set up in a suburban garden, but there 
is no reason why this could not be used as the basis for a budget remote photography system located in wilder country.

Remember that with large memory cards, photographers are no longer limited to one roll of film, allowing many shots to be taken, final selection being made post-shooting.

gentLED-SHUTTER is used to get this close to the birds!
© 2010 Tony Cunningham.

Here is just one visitor to Tony's garden in frosty winter.

Thanks to Tony Cunningham for demonstrating that gentLED-SHUTTER can be used as an integral part of a flexible remote photography system.

Tony has also been experimenting with a much simpler system, using the flexibility offered by digital cameras and large memory cards. Rather than using a radio control trigger to take the picture he just takes a picture every 5 seconds until the memory card is full.

gentLED-AUTO simply attaches to the NEX5 near the IR sensor.
© 2011 Tony Cunningham.

Using a Sony NEX-5 and a gentLED-AUTO the camera is left near the bird feeder unattended, the birds soon get used to it's presence.
A second brief visit to switch on, and start taking 100s of images unattended. All that is needed is the camera and gentLED-AUTO.

This technique can be used with any camera that can have it's shutter released this way, see the list of suitable cameras on the gentLED-AUTO page.

gentLED-AUTO can get closer!  © 2011 Tony Cunningham

After the shoot the images collected are reviewed, and whilst the majority are not usable, it will surprise you what can be achieved with this simple but effective technique.

Dont be disapointed when you throw away hundreds of images, memory cards can be easily re-used and it is worth the effort for the images you keep - like the example on the right.

Thanks again to Tony Cunningham for sharing his creative use of gentLED-AUTO.


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