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gentLED-SHUTTER or gentLED-TRIGGER can be used with MP360

PhotoShip One have a unique, patent pending, technique to repeatedly and accurately trigger rotating cameras when collecting images for use in aerial panoramas.

The technique uses strategically placed magnets and reed switches to trigger cameras with cable releases at defined points on the compass.

With the addition of gentLED-SHUTTER the range of cameras can be extended to include those with IR release,
like the Sony NEX-5 and NEX-7.

gentLED-SHUTTER or gentLED-TRIGGER can be used with MP360

To use this technique the reed switch on the MP360 or auto360 is used to trigger the gentLED. This can be done by connecting auto360's reed switch and an external battery to gentLED-SHUTTER for the optimum solution.

There are more technical details, photographs of the products,
and a complete list of supported cameras for PhotoShip One's MP360 or auto360.

With innovation from PhotoShip One and gentLED shutter releases there are more cameras suitable for aerial panoramas!



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