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Telescope, Sony NEX-5N, gentLED-TRIGGER.                     © 2013 Robert Kimball


Whilst still at High School Robert Kimball was fascinated by astronomy. He even ground his own mirrors helping him see fainter objects, and understand telescopes better. Since then much has changed with telescopes, computers, and digital photography but Robert is still at the cutting edge of astro-photography

When trying to take a long exposure shot with his Sony NEX-5N
he turned to gentLED-TRIGGER to take the pictures.

Using a standard photographic timer, he used gentLED-TRIGGER to control the shutter
on the NEX-5N. Over 3 hours the telescope and mount tracked the sky, whilst the timer
and gentLED-TRIGGER controlled the camera.

Orion Nebula (M42) taken with a gentLED-TRIGGER.           © 2013 Robert Kimball

The result is this fantastic image of the Orion Nebula (M42), made from 36 exposures, each 5 minutes long. This technique allows modestly priced equipment, to produce better clarity and lower noise, than was possible with professional equipment only a few years ago.

Thanks to Robert Kimball for his creative use

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Cygnus Wide Field with gentLED-AUTO                                 © 2016 Mike Smythers


Mike Smythers used 23 2minute exposures controlled with gentLED-AUTO for this experimental image of Cygnus,
By using gentLED-AUTO there are no other camera triggering devices required.

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