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New technology is making multi-rotor flyers more affordable and more stable in flight. Advances in battery technology means margins are increasing to allow high quality cameras to be carried, as payload.

oktokopter, NEX-5, and gentLED-SHUTTER © 2011 Dennis O'Hara.

Dennis O'Hara recently built an 8 rotor 'oktokopter', and mounted a Sony NEX-5 in the frame.

The camera is triggered with a gentLED-SHUTTER
but a variety of our RC triggering products could be used
to allow control of different camera models.

The electronics in the oktocopter can be programmed to provide the same "servo type" pulses that standard RC systems use thus making our products a 'plug and play' solution.

In addition Dennis discovered that the oktokopter controller could also be programmed to provide servo pulses that would allow repeated triggering of the gentLED-SHUTTER instead of control from the ground.

gentLED-SHUTTER in winter's grip  © 2011 Dennis O'Hara

This means there are three ways to take pictures
(like the one on the right) with this system:

  1. Learning to fly or in tight spots? Program the oktokopter to take a picture every ~2 seconds, and forget about the camera! 
  2. Advanced users can use the standard method and control the shutter from the ground, 
  3. With the standard method you always have the option in gentLED-SHUTTER to hold the shutter in the trigger position and allow gentLED to take a picture every 5 seconds for you.

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Thanks again to Dennis O'Hara for sharing his creative use of gentLED-SHUTTER.

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