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clickPAN devices are tiny, light & easy to make into an automatic system.

NEW: Click here for a demonstration video!
clickPAN is a range of devices for triggering the shutter of cameras and operating a servo motor together. Originally designed for autoKAP where a camera is allowed to rotate and take pictures whilst flying below a kite, they can be used with kites, balloons, and any application where a camera is "hung" in a location where the operator cannot access the controls. 

This technique allows a very small and lightweight "rig" to be created. It also generates many images, not all in the intended direction, but this does often results in some great surprises. Large memory cards can easily handle the images produced, even during RAW shooting.

clickPAN provides the electronic heart of these systems, you need to add the mechanical "rig" to hold the servo and camera. If you would rather buy a kit of parts look at www.brooxes.com or www.kapshop.com .

There are 5 basic types of clickPAN:

  • clickPAN-IR allows basic pan and shutter control of cameras that can be triggered with IR,
  • clickPAN-USB allows basic pan and shutter control of some Canon, Nikon, and Ricoh cameras via the USB socket, 
  • clickPAN-SERVO allows basic pan and shutter control of any camera. Control of the shutter is achieved by adding a second servo as a "finger" above the shutter release.
  • clickPAN-SDM is a much more powerful device but physically similar. It allows 2 servos to be controlled from a "script" running inside SDM compatible cameras.
  • clickPAN-PRO is the most powerful device with many switchable configurations for pan servo, tilt servo and shutter (servo, IR and CHDK).

 If you are not sure what clickPAN is for you, this Kite Aerial Photography example may be a good place to start.

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