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clickPAN-SDM is tiny, light, and the heart of an scriptable camera shoot & pan system.

clickPAN-SDM is a revolutionary approach to autonomous flying camera rigs, or autoKAP.

This unit allows 2 servos to be controlled from a uBASIC script running inside the camera! 

The script sends commands to the servos via the AF assist lamp (which you don't need when shooting outside). clickPAN-SDM has a sensor which is velcroed over the camera AF assist lamp to receive the script instructions, as well as a battery input and 2 servo outputs.
The unit can interface to standard servos (can move them up to 180degrees if the servo can support it) as well as servos modified for continuous rotation.

There is complete flexibility, so if you want to design a rig that uses 2 standard servos and only "scans" 90degrees of the sky then there is no reason why not. The power is in the scripting!

clickPAN-SDM in a Kite Aerial Photography application.
©2010 David Mitchell

clickPAN-SDM offers a range of features that can be used:

  • 2 independently controllable outputs
  • Position a standard servo up to +/-100degrees (if the servo supports this)
  • Use a continuous rotation servo to move in short pulses or rotate constantly.
  • The outputs can also be used as simple "Logic" outputs to drive other electronics
  • The outputs can be used to position stepper motors
  • There is an auxiliary input which can take a standard servo signal from a RC system and under camera control connect this through to one or both of the outputs. This could be used to construct systems that can be remote controlled via RC and uBASIC scripting
  • The power is in the script in the camera!

Note: This device will only work with Canon cameras compatible with SDM 1.83 and above

More Information: Quick Start ManualOperating ManualServo ModificationGuide to SDM, Get the latest SDMDave Mitchell's Scripting Guide,  Calibrating Cameras to work with clickPAN-SDM

SDM camera shutter and servo control:

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