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A range of products designed to get the most out of the universal servo motor which is a cost effective solution to many movement and rotation situations.

Rather than build a custom solution, an inexpensive servo motor, some modification, and our products make a cost effective solution:

  • Servo Leads. We stock a small selection of specialist leads, e.g. Extra fine wire for high flexibility and low resistance, just what is required when control signals
    are passed from receiver to the balanced gimbal.
  • antiCREEP allows a 360degree modified servo to be used as a rotation (or PAN) motor, slowing rotational speed and eliminating the creep caused by the servo modification,
  • moreTILT allows a standard servo to be used up to 180degrees, rather than the standard 80degree operation, 
  • genTIMER is an timer / intervalometer  for cameras with no remote control, A servo motor is used (repeatedly) to activate the shutter button,
  • SWITCH allows electrical circuits to be controlled from a single RC receiver channel. Available with single and dual outputs.





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