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gentWIRE-redPRO & gentWIRE-RED control various RED cameras.

We offer two products for RED cameras.

gentWIRE-redPRO offers full control over many camera functions, and gentWIRE-RED offers basic control of record START/STOP, both work via a wired connection to the camera.

RED offer their own remote control system but it is not optimised
for aerial work, being heavy and with restricted operating range.

gentWIRE-redPRO & gentWIRE-RED control various RED cameras.

Our products weigh under 10 grams and use the existing remote vehicle control system (RC channels) to guarantee communication without increasing payload.

gentWIRE-redPRO plugs into the CTRL port. (see image on right), gentWIRE-RED plugs into the SYNC port on the camera.

gentWIRE-redPRO 102 for full control over many camera functions
Using up to three channels of your RC system the unit can be configured to control:

  • Record start and stop,
  • Iris, focus, and shutter angle,
  • also available, exposure adjustment,
  • Main camera features can be set for absolute or relative control,
  • Remotely press/unpress 4 user programmable user keys,
  • Control via up to 3 standard PWM servos or digital SBUS interface,
  • Auxiliary output of camera status can be relayed back to the operator.
The unit is field configurable to change SBUS channel assignment or feature configuration using the camera keyboard and display. Once changed, the new settings are stored in memory. NOTE: Your RED camera must be using firmware 6.0.x or above.

Two accessories are provided that attach to the auxiliary output:

gentWIRE-redAUDIO: an accessory for the redPRO product

gentWIRE-lancLED 106 is a high intensity LED that gives a visual indication of camera status for pre-flight checks:

  • On for REC and off for standby,
  • Slow flashing for low memory or battery,
  • Heartbeat flash to confirm normal operation,
  • Fast flashing for camera communication lost.
gentWIRE-redAUDIO 105 provides an audio output designed to be transmitted to the ground-station on the unused audio channel of the video downlink. Audio tones are sent every 4-5seconds for the following:
  • REC or standby,
  • Seperate tones for Memory Low and Battery Low,
  • Camera communication lost.
The unit has a 2nd output with a logic signal indicating REC status.

More information: gentWIRE-redPRO Manual. gentWIRE-redLED & redAUDIO Manual. redAUDIO Sample Audio Output.

gentWIRE-RED 103A/100B for basic control over record start and stop.
Operation is controlled from a spare channel on the deployment vehicle RC system. For Epic cameras, or BASE Extenders, a RC channel with a toggle switch is employed for START/STOP operation. For ONE cameras and all other Extenders, e.g. Jetpack, V-Lock, REDVOLT, (plus any other extender launched after 2016) a RC channel with a momentary action switch is more suitable.

Without the device the camera would be run continuously for the entire flight, wasting memory when recording take-off, transitions, landing, and increasing clutter in post-production.

A red light on the unit indicates operation and can be used for pre-flight checks. In addition a yellow light flashes on gentWIRE-RED for ONE cameras to indicate the RC signal has been sent. The unit weighs only a few grams, and exact operation can be set with the jumper adjacent to the servo lead. Three different thresholds can be set for the RC channel

More information: gentWIRE-RED Manual.

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redPRO Product Accessories    
Audio generator -redPRO only gentWIRE-redAUDIO 21.95 105 buy
REC status light -redPRO only gentWIRE-redLED 13.95 106 buy
one extra flexible 30cm
plug to plug servo lead
servoLEAD SM301 2.00 buy
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