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gentWIRE-videoUSB can be used with newer Ricoh cameras.

gentWIRE-videoUSB allows camera control via the USB port, with a Radio Control (RC) system, whilst retaining access to video output which is shared on the USB socket. For a wider selection of compatable cameras (without video access) please consider gentWIRE-USB.

The unit weighs 5grams and comes with a flexible USB cable, and a 5g servo lead for connection to a standard RC channel.

As the RC control channel is moved first the camera is set to "half-press" (i.e. focus is locked) then further movement fires the shutter. Return the RC to end the sequence. This mode of operation allows RC control of bulb and continuous modes as set by the camera. The operator can also trigger the camera quickly, the half and full-press sequence are sent immediately.

pin-out gentWIRE-video USB connects to the camera via a micro USB plug,
other connections are made via a multi-pin socket on the rear of the unit.
The left three pins connect to a RC receiver channel via the 300mm lead supplied, or you can use your own lead for custom lengths.
The right 2 pins are the camera video output from the USB.

Note that some pins are blocked with a plastic plug, and one pin in missing to help users identify the RC pins and video pins.

More Information: Operating Manual (Ricoh)

wired USB camera shutter control (with video) via RC:

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Please note that gentWIRE-videoUSB is designed to be used with a 
Radio Control system (such as those used with remote controlled planes),
For time-lapse or intervalometer use please consider
SDM Scripting or genTIMER.

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