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lancDIRECTOR: Professional, Universal, dual LANC controller for studio & edit suite

lancDIRECTOR is a LANC based trigger device, designed for use with Atomos products in the studio and on location. Normally LANC only functions with a LANC camera present, but lancDIRECTOR enables correct operation of the LANC interface even with no camera. It can integrate Atomos off-camera recorders into your camera rig.

Three LANC outputs ease cabling. Control is via a large illuminated RECORD button, an external switch connected to the input socket or an existing LANC remote. The light on the RECORD button also tells the operator the state of the LANC interface with a series of heartbeat flashes in standby mode.

lancDIRECTOR can bridge two separate LANC systems. This allows coordinated control by bridging between two LANCS, for example, two cameras simultaneously.

  • Control the camera and Atomos products together or independently without having to re-cable. This can be used where off-camera recording is selectively augmented with on-camera recording.
  • Start and stop two cameras simultaneously. Normally only one camera can be connected to one LANC system. With lancDIRECTOR in bridge mode one or both cameras can be started without re-cabling, similar to the previous example.
  • Syncronise two Sony cameras without genlock by coordinating power-up, sufficient for short duration stereo image capture.

lancDIRECTOR is the size of a small mobile phone, and has 3 LANC output, and an input jack along the top edge. It can be battery or USB powered, or it can also be powered from the LANC, switching automatically between power sources.
An auxilliary input allows external switches or a computer to interface as well as operation with the built-in large illuminated RECORD switch. The auxiliary input is also an external power input up to 8 volts, or a second LANC input used for the bridge mode described above.

In the box:

  • lancDIRECTOR,
  • Clamp mount with two 1/4-20 thread tripod mounts,
  • Yellow silicon case protector,
  • Lanyard,
  • USB power lead, for connection to a computer or wall-wart (not supplied)
  • 100cm LANC lead with straight &: right-angle connectors at either end.
  • Operating Manual.

Read the Application Information to see how to change the way you work.

We also make a number of accessories that can be used to add more control:

  • lancTASC: allows LANC control of TASCAM audio recorders
  • lancMULTI: allows LANC control of Sony cameras with MULTI port
  • lancTALLY: is a 80cm wire with record lamp
  • lancLEAD: is a 100cm LANC lead with straight &: right-angle connectors at either end.

More information: Operating Manual, Application Information.

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Note: Due to increasing restrictions on the transportation of batteries, the unit ships without. Customers who wish to use the unit with batteries are advised to purchase 2xCR2032 locally.

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