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Oct 2007: Ricoh Caplio supported for auto rigs

Click for a closer view...clickPAN-USB allows remote control of Ricoh Caplio cameras that support the CA-1 wired remote control in a autoKAP rig - servo rotation and shooting in one package.

Just plug the device into the camera USB, then connect a pan-servo and a battery to spin round the sky and take pictures all at once!

Aug 2007: Ricoh Caplio now supported

Click for a closer view...gentWIRE-USB allows remote control of Ricoh Caplio cameras that support the CA-1 wired remote control.

The latest Ricoh offerings have been getting rave reviews on the remote photography forums - now they can be remote controlled with this lightweight and easy to use device!

Jun 2007: clickPAN-ADJUST: plug and play for clickPAN-IR, clickPAN-USB and clickPAN-SERVO

Click for a closer view...Plug in series with the power supply to gent360-LED or gent360-SERVO to get a continuous timer adjustment for 5seconds to 35 seconds rather than the 5 or 10 second defaults available out-of-the-box!

22turn adjustment gives about 1second per turn so it's easy to set up and easy to use.

May 2007: Latest Panasonic Camcorders now supported

With Panasonic's new SD-1 offering, new codes are required for remote control. This change appears to coincide with the introduction of Solid-state recording for Panasonic. gentLED-videoREC and gentLED-videoZOOM now support ALL Panasonic standards. 

We do not know of any camera that has IR that doesn't work with gentLED Camcorder products!

April 2007: clickPAN range extended - cameras without IR!

In addition to the existing clickPAN-IR (left) which pans the camera and takes pictures with IR at the same time we announce the clickPAN-SERVO (right), pans the camera and takes a picture with a standard servo motor. 

So your camera doesn't have IR? Now we have a solution for that too. See Brooxes for kits using this technology!

Feb 2007: gentVU-altiOSD launched - telemetry and Logger module

We are pleased to announce a new product gentVU altiOSD. The product of a fruitful collaboration with Olivier Humez, this is a tiny altimeter and  telemetry unit for all remote applications. The unit measures height, voltages and events, and can be expanded to measure temperature wind direction and speed. The module automatically displays it's data as an overlay to a video signal (called On Screen Display - OSD) as shown left, or if there is no video present it generates it's own signal for maximum flexibility.

altiOSD can be powered from any source from 3 to 9 volts, draws around 30mA, and weighs around a third of an ounce (10g). It's only 2"x1.1" (51x28mm)!
As well as giving real-time data telemetry the unit can be expanded to "Log" all the telemetry for analysis on a computer later. The Logger Modules (yellow or blue in the pictures on the right) are just like camera memory cards giving you flexibility in the way you manage the data. Each "Logger" can record up to 4095 records, providing a complete record of the "flight", optionally collecting data every 1second to 1 hour (programmable). 

Once you have the data it can be quickly downloaded to your PC using the software provided and analysed as a text file, CSV or Excel spreadsheet.

altiOSD is fully tested and available NOW!

Quick Start Manual :: User Manual ::

Jan 2007: gentWIRE-FOCUS launched - for cameras with electrical contacts

click for larger picture...
gentwire focus for cameras 
with electrical contacts
click for larger picture...

GentLED FOCUS gives control over focus (half press) and shutter (full press) for cameras with electrical contacts. Full control of both can be easily achieved from a standard RC system using a joy-stick or a switch. 

In addition the unit can act as a simple intervalometer, should you wish to use your camera for a lightweight autoKAP rig, or time-lapse photography. There are 4 modes of operation, making this the ideal lightweight controller for "wired" cameras. 


4 standard plug types can be ordered that fit a range of Canon, Nikon, Pentax, and  Kodak cameras. A 3pin connector version is included if you want to "wire it up" yourself.

More Details...

Nov 2006: gentLEDs now support Canon Camcorders

GentLED is now compatible with Canon Camcorders that use the WL-D87. Support now exists for 4 Camcorder manufacturers and 9 still camera manufacturers.

Nov 2006: gentLEDs available for new Samsung Cameras

GentLED is now compatible with the new IR offerings from Samsung, the pro-815, NV7 and NV10. The remote is called the SRC-A1, although some web-sites call it the SRC-A3 which we believe is a typo spreading round the web! All offerings, gentLED-SHUTTER, gentLED-AUTO, clickPAN-IR, and gentLED-ZOOM (not compatible with all cameras) are available! 

Nov 2006: KAPiCA/06 has voted on autoKAPcomp

Congratulations to Lenny, Michael and Eric for their success in the Photo Competition. 
They each win a signed copy of Hanging by a Thread by Craig Wilson. 

Sep 2006: gentLED now supports Camcorder PHOTO mode.

Latest model Camcorders now support taking high resolution stills images whilst in video mode. The new gentLED-PHOTO allows you to take stills with your camcorder as well as control and zoom the video. More Details...

Aug 2006: gentLED sponsors KAPiCA/06 Photographic Competition.

For all you autoKAPers, you are invited to take part in autoKAPcomp. Whether you are attending KAPiCA06 or not you are invited to submit your work which will be displayed on the web and at KAPiCA06.

Apr 2006: JVC Camcorders are now supported...

In addition to Sony and Panasonic for START/STOP and ZOOM control of camcorders. 
More details... 

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