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Oct 2009: gentSTEREO, a solution for multiple camera triggering

Click for a bigger picture...A solution for triggering multiple cameras for Stereo Photography, including stereo time-lapse and flash.

A range of products from a entry level model to a fully featured pro version, including accessories including a unit enabling any number of cameras to be simultaneously triggered.

Uses Canon cameras and the SDM software enhancement.

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Sep 2009: gentWIRE-LANC, wired remote for Sony camcorders

Click for a bigger picture...An alternative to our IR controllers for Camcorders. gentWIRE-LANC is one device that allows control of REC, PHOTO, and progressive ZOOM (the more you push the joy-stick - the faster the zoom) of Sony camcorders with a LANC interface.

All in a single 6gram package!

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May 2009: gentWIRE FOCUS, more cameras supported.

gentWIRE-FOCUS for NikongentWIRE-FOCUS for PanasonicAdditions to the supported cameras/manufacturers for gentWIRE-FOCUS:
Panasonic remote type DMW-RSL1 & DMW-RS1, suitable for cameras DMC-L1, DMC-G1, DMC-FZ50, FZ30, FZ20, L1. (Note: you cannot use this device and video output at the same time).
Nikon remote type MC-DC2, suitable for cameras D90 and P5000.

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Feb 2009: genTIMER introduced.

Click for another view...A complement to gentLED-AUTO - an intervalometer for IR cameras - now you can add an intervalometer to any camera. By adding a battery and a small servo to this latest device you will get timings from 2 seconds to 30 seconds. 

Here is one example of how this can be used to add an intervalometer to a pocket camera. 

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Jan2009: Price Reductions on all products!

A price reduction of at least 10% off all products becomes effective from 1st January 2009. 

Continued volatility in the financial markets have changed the relationship between the US$, euro and GB£. We are a small company and our web-ordering system takes your orders in euros (pre 2011), translating to your local currency at "checkout". 

  • For our US customers this means that gentLED-SHUTTER for example returns to the price of approx $26 it was 2 months ago.  
  • For our Euro-zone customers prices are now 10% reduced. 
  • For other customers the 10% reduction offsets recent shifts in exchange rates.

On 80% of our products the price has been the same since 2005, now all prices are at their lowest ever euro rate!


Oct 2008: REMOTE: Pole Aerial Photography.

A complete control solution for short range camera control systems. 
Use the keyfob to control camera TILT, PAN and SHUTTER. 

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Apr 2008: gentLED now supports Casio EXILIM IR cameras.

Another manufacturers IR cameras can now be controlled remotely.  
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Mar 2008: gentLED AUTO now supports Camcorder PHOTO.

Latest model Camcorders now support taking high resolution stills images whilst in video mode. The gentLED-AUTO now allows you to take stills with your camcorder in PHOTO mode.

This is being used for time-lapse and other specialist camcorder uses.  More Details...

Jan 2008: The latest gentWIRE is for SDM / CHDK!

Click for more resolution...gentWIRE-USB is for controlling Canon cameras that can accept the SDM / CHDK firmware enhancement. It is designed to be operated by a spare RC channel, in exactly the same way as the standard gentLED-SHUTTER. To date discussion on CHDK has majored around the possibilities it offers to expand camera operation and provide autoKAP capabilities. With gentWIRE-USB and a simple script you can trigger the shutter remotely in a standard pan-and-tilt rig. Of course you can take it even further and use the external trigger in other ways - the sky is the limit?

A real lightweight solution at 9grams (1/3oz) including ~250mm (~10") cables and both connectors.

Compatible with the Canon A570, A610/20/30/40, A710, S2 IS, S3 IS, G7, ixus700/sd500. Plug into a spare RC channel, connect the other end to the camera USB connector, and activate the CHDK script. 

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