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Aug 2011: Sony additions...

The gentWIRE-FOCUS product, can now control the range of Sony cameras with their proprietary 3 pin connector from a RC system. Also the just-announced Sony NEX-5N and Sony NEX-7 allow remote control via gentLED and clickPAN products.

Jun 2011: gentVU altiOSD retired.

After four and a half years in production, part availability has meant we have had to stop
manufacturing these products. We do have a limited stock of replacement parts and can 
still support existing customers if required.

Apr 2011: Minor enhancement's to gentWIRE-LANC

The gentWIRE-LANC product has been changed slightly: The sense of the zoom has been inverted, this means all gentLED and gentWIRE products zoom in and out the same way, making changing between devices seamless.

Jan 2011: web-site redesign...

Our web-site has been completely re-designed to help you find the right product for your application:

  • Our Camera Compatibility Database means you can now select products based on the cameras that support them.

  • The Product Selection Tool allows you to refine product selection and camera compatibility to offer you a list of what products meet your needs.

  • Application and Product specific page layout gives more focus to help with product selection.

  • Some products have changed their names to help make product selection clearer. If you are familiar with the old names there is an old to new cross reference.


July 2010: gentVU altiOSD operating voltage change

Click for a bigger picture...Part obsolescence means we have to change the operating voltage for all new shipments from 3-9volts to 5.5-12volts. This takes effect from July 2010. New parts can be identified by the omission of the large brown axial inductor at the top of the board as shown right.

The original design voltage was chosen to allow the common NiCd 4.8V battery to be used. With more and more systems operating from 7.2 and 10.8 volt LiPo batteries this change should have minimal impact on system design.


May 2010: gentLED - new Manufacturers support IR!

Click for a bigger picture...Generally less Point and Shoot cameras have IR than 5 years ago but Sony's DSC-H50 and Fuji's Finepix S2000HD were introduced with IR - you can now control these cameras from a RC system, or with an intervalometer using gentLED. Maybe more cameras with IR are on the way!

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Mar 2010: gentLED-shutterPLUS, shutter and video control

Click for a bigger picture...Taking advantage of Liveview mode on the Canon 5D, 7D, 500D and 550D this device allows control of stills and video start/stop from one RC channel by using the camera's Liveview mode..

Allows video to be recorded and full resolution stills TOGETHER.

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Note: This product was launched as gentLED-liveVIEW and rebranded as gentLED-shutterPLUS in July 2012.

Feb 2010: clickPAN-SDM Camera controller

Click for a bigger picture...Use the power of scripting within a SDM modified Canon camera to control 2 servo motors to make a automatic rig for autoKAP or any other control application.

Uses Canon cameras and the SDM software enhancement.

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