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Dec 2013: gentWIRE-lancPLUS now supports Blackmagic

gentWIRE-lancPLUS, our special offering, for professional cameras now supports Blackmagic, including their unique set-focus and iris commands:

  • For professional cameras with interchangable lenses there is no zoom control so REC, STANDBY and PHOTO move to Ch 1 as primary control, with the latching action. Note: The PHOTO command is not supported on Blackmagic cameras, but is included so the device can be used with Sony cameras too.
  • Optional Ch. 2 gives 3 speed control over focus. Focus can be toggled between automatic and manual, then adjusted from near to far. For Blackmagic cameras there is a "set-focus" command.
  • Optional Ch. 3 gives 3 speed control over iris, as well as the "set-iris" command.
    Note: The IRIS command is only supported by Blackmagic cameras.
  • An additional socket (AUX) allows visual or audio indication of unit status using gentWIRE-lancLED or gentWIRE-lancAUDIO.
  • Sony cameras that have gone to 'sleep' can be woken remotely.
  • Blackmagic cameras left in PLAY mode will be automatically changed to REC.

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Nov 2013: gentLED-AUTO time-lapse application video

To show you what this little intervalometer can achieve
we have put together a 70second demonstration of how
gentLED-AUTO can enable cameras and camcorders
with IR remote control to make time-lapse movies.

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Nov 2013: RC Remote control for RED Cameras

With these cinema quality cameras you need to conserve memory - Use the RC system to start and stop recording remotely with gentWIRE-RED, capture what you need, and prevent
"memory full" in the middle of the shoot!

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Oct 2013: Remote control and video out with gentWIRE-videoUSB

Some cameras have video and remote control accessed through the same socket. gentWIRE-videoUSB has the following features:

  • Access to both shutter and video output from one camera socket,
  • The unit also allows control of half-press and full press of the shutter, this allows bulb and continuous shooting modes to be used via RC.
  • Plug-in servo lead allows an easy way to customise cable lengths for a neater finish.

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Sep 2013: Major web-site update

We have refreshed our website to give a new look and feel:

  • Change to home-page and navigation to help you find the product you need quicker,
  • Clearer Application and Case Study examples to see what other people use our products for.

Aug 2013: gentSTEREO-videoSYNC adds movies to SDM

Click for a bigger picture... ...can sync multiple Canon Powershot cameras for stereo,
lenticular and hyper movies.

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Aug 2013: gentWIRE-lancPLUS adds focus to the LANC family

Click for a bigger picture... Increasingly our LANC products are being used with professional cameras that dont allow control of zoom. This 3rd LANC controller addesses this market:

  • Moves latching REC and PHOTO to channel 1 where it isn't additional to zoom - it's the primary control
  • Uses channel 2 for control over manual focus and Screen Data.

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Jul 2013: gentLED-AUTO improvements!

Click for larger view...
fits in the palm of your hand!

Ideal for time-lapse photography, gentLED-AUTO conveniently adds an intervalometer to Cameras and Camcorders with IR remote control - this includes Sony NEX Series, many Nikon and Canon dSLRs, and 99% of Camcorders.

The following enhancements have been made to gentLED-AUTO :

  • Minimum delay is now 1second.
    Maximum delay remains 30minutes.
  • On models designed for Cameras (as opposed to Camcorders), the "long" range emits two triggers.
    Use this to wake up sleeping cameras or for astronomy - long exposure "bulb" shots.
  • 22turn adjustment for ranges 1-35seconds, 5seconds-5minutes, 0.5-30minutes.
  • Easier to set long time delays because of the fixed relationship between ranges.
    Set the times on the short range then move to range 2 by multiplying by 10 and range 3 by multiplying by 60.
  • See which range is set, and the time delay, visually by a short flash sequence on the red LED at switch-on. More detail...

Jun 2013: Better gentLED-SHUTTER, -shutterPLUS, & -PHOTO

Click for a bigger picture... As digital cameras and memory cards get faster, cameras can capture more frames per second. With this in mind we have
enhanced gentLED - previously if the RC control channel was held
in the on position the camera would trigger every 5 seconds.

Now the repeat rate gets faster the further the RC control is moved past the on position. All devices start at 5 seconds, with
gentLED-shutterPLUS decreasing to 0.5 seconds,
gentLED-SHUTTER decreasing to 1 second, and
gentLED-PHOTO achieving 2 seconds.
Capture MORE and FASTER with gentLED.

Mar 2013: 500 cameras now supported!

We are constantly adding new cameras to the list of over 500 controlable models, both new cameras from the manufacturers as well as new ways too control existing cameras.

clickPAN-PRO The list of 500 includes cameras, seperately we have lists of hundreds of Camcorders that can be controlled as well!

Camera Compatibility Database

Feb 2013: clickPAN-PRO

clickPAN-PRO is a configurable controller for kite and balloon photography.

4x 3pin connectors allow connection of a 5volt power supply,
a shutter trigger (which can be a micro servo, IR trigger or CHDK/SDM release), and two servos for pan and tilt.

The unit can be used configured with one rotary control for time between shots, and 8 switches to select pan angle, tilt sequence,
and shutter trigger mode.

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Jan 2013: Fuji and Samsung additions...

The gentWIRE-FOCUS product, can now control the range of Fuji and Samsung cameras with their proprietary connectors from a RC system.

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Dec 2012: gentLED-triggerPLUS

gentLED-triggerPLUS Addition to our range of IR triggers with built-in batteries allowing control of shutter AND video/movie mode of Canon and Sony cameras where supported.

Allows shutter and video/movie both to be controlled remotely from
a single switch.

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Oct 2012: gentWIRE-lancPRO, -lancLED, and -lancAUDIO

Click for a bigger picture... Additions to our range of LANC controllers offer more features, feedback, and security to remote photographers.

Camera status (including REC, low battery and low memory),br> can be relayed over an unused audio downlink to the operator.

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Mar 2012: gentLED-shutterPLUS, shutter and video control

Click for a bigger picture... As well as Canon cameras with Liveview we now support
Sony NEX-5 and NEX-7 cameras, allowing control of stills
and movie mode from one RC channel. With more manufacturers supported this product, formerly called gentLED-liveVIEW, is now called gentLED-shutterPLUS.

Change between STILLS and MOVIE whilst operating remotely!
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Jan 2012: gentWIRE-HERO for GoPro cameras

Click for more information... A new device can control GoPro cameras with the heroBUS connector. Depending on camera set-up both video and stills can be controlled from one RC channel or a logic signal.
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