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Dec 2015: January Sale: 40% off all Sony Camera Products

The 2016 January Sale is focused on our highly successful products supporting Sony Cameras.

From the flagship gentWIRE-MULTI,                   was 100, sale price 60,
through the gentWIRE-FOCUS,                           was 58, sale price 35,
to the cost effective gentLED-SHUTTER,           was 15, sale price 9,
and products for timelapse like gentLED-AUTO, was 31, sale price 18

If your remote controlling a Sony camera this is the first place to look for the largest choice, all with 40% reductions. Order quickly for prompt dispatch, we're expecting to be busy this month!

Happy New Year from the
gentLED & gentWIRE Team

Sep 2015: New Promotional Videos

Exploring perspective and infinity with M C Escher using our
RC products gentLED and gentWIRE
for low level aerial photography. Watch the 1 minute video.

We have also refreshed the home-page video with new material. Watch the 2 minute video.

Aug 2015: gentWIRE-lancSWITCH unique Blackmagic features

gentWIRE-lancSWITCH now offers unique features for Blackmagic, as well as RECORD you can set-focus and set-iris from switches.

You can now use a Fig-rig, or other stabilisation rig to hold your camera and design your own ergonomic system to access record, iris and focus whilst shooting without touching the camera!
More Details...

July 2015: Full control of RED cameras: gentWIRE-redPRO.

For full control over many camera functions using up to three channels of your RC system (PWM or SBUS), the unit can be configured to control:

  • Record start and stop,
  • Iris, focus, and shutter angle,
  • also available, exposure adjustment,
  • Main camera features can be set for absolute or relative control,
  • Remotely press/unpress 4 user programmable user keys,
  • Control via up to 3 standard PWM servos or digital SBUS interface,
  • Auxiliary output of camera status can be relayed back to the operator.
For only 10grams, this new product offers iris control via RC -
and a whole lot more to help you be creative...
More Details...

June 2015: FedEx now offered as standard for fast delivery.

We now offer FedEx courier delivery at competitive prices as part of our cart and checkout.
Although transit times vary from country to country, this gives a next day service to North America and Western Europe, and a 2-3day service for most of the world. Widest Range of cameras supported, shipped to over 100 countries so far, now we're adding GET IT FAST!

May 2015: Right angled plug available for Sony MULTI port.

Customers told us they needed more room, so we have sourced a right-angled MULTI plug
so you only need 2cm clearance between camera and gimbal to remote control your
Sony camera / camcorder.

Right angle is standard on
gentWIRE-MULTI and gentWIRE-videoLANC for Sony.

Straight or right angled options are available for

Better solutions for RC control from gentWIRE.

April 2015: Now supporting over 2000 cameras & Camcorders.

    There are now over 2000 cameras and camcorders listed in our on-line database,
    all have remote control of the shutter, many can control features like half-press, &
    zoom, and some with focus, iris and other features.

From established stables like Canon and Nikon, through new companies like
Samsung and Sony, to professional cinematography cameras from Blackmagic and RED,
come here first for your aerial photography control solutions.

March 2015: Shipping has reached 100 countries.

We can now count over 100 countries and territories in our shipping addresses.
We really do SHIP WORLDWIDE.

Across the world from large to small we ship products to creative photographers,

  • San Francisco to Samoa,
  • Brazil to Bermuda,
  • Luxembourg to Laos,
  • China to the Cayman Islands.
are just a few destinations. Where are you being creative?

January 2015: gentWIRE FOCUS, added features, same prices.


  • More cameras supported with 12 differnet plug types.
  • Easier to change mode with a link (even in the field).
  • interchangable servo lead, minimise weight by changing
    to the correct length cable.
  • improved timer / intervalometer, now easier to use
    with field settable times of 2,3 and 5 seconds.

More Details...

October 2014: Who we are and what we do video

See what our customers use our products to achieve with aerial and timelapse photography.

Watch the 2 minute video.

August 2014: An easier way to find the right product!

Its now easier to find the right product wth our Quick Product Selector.

Use the radio buttons to choose an application, and choose between cameras and camcorders. Finally enter a key number or word from your camera name. You'll be taken to a page dedicated to your application with the products for your camera/camcorder highlighted.

More Details...

July 2014: Zoom and REC control for Panasonic GH4

gentWIRE-FOCUS already allows shutter control of a range of Panasonic cameras, but this new product extends operation of the GH4 to trigger record, half/full shutter, and zoom.

This new product can also control some Panasonic camcorders, where it also allows control of iris and focus.

More Details...

June 2014: clickPAN Promotional Video

With our products, and your imagination,
there are no limits to what you can achieve!

clickPAN for camera automation.
Watch the 1 minute video.

May 2014: gentWIRE-videoUSB gets extra flexible R/A USB

We have inproved our gentWIRE-videoUSB camera trigger
with video output for Ricoh cameras.

  • Ultra-flexible cable with right-angled USB plug,
  • Additional functionality, now with 2 different shutter release configurations - fast release, or slower with focus control.

More Details...

Apr/May 2014: gentLED and gentWIRE Promotional Videos

We have two new videos to demonstrate our products.

May's video is about using gentLED-TRIGGER
for astro-photography.

Watch the 1 minute video.

April's video is about using our RC products gentLED
and gentWIRE for low level aerial photography
and photogrammetry.

Watch the 1 minute video.

Apr 2014: more than 600 cameras now supported!

    We now have over 600 cameras listed in our See the compatibility database.
    Whether you plan to remote control an older model or a new addition
    we offer the widest range of options for remote photographers.

See the expanding database...

Mar 2014: Beat the Royal Mail Postage increase!

Royal Mail are changing the way they define letters and packets. Our products are very small, but we can't achieve the new 5mm thickness limit for "letters" so we will be classified as "packets".
UK postage remains the same, but we have had to pass on a
1.50 increase for European destinations and 2.00 for outside Europe.

Mar 2014: Control of Sony cameras with MULTI port

New product gentWIRE-MULTI allows FULL control of Sony cameras with a MULTI port, from 1, 2 or 3 channels of a RC system.

  • Channel 1 control shutter and video REC. If the camera allows, stills and video can be takes together.
  • Channel 2 controls a multi speed zoom, although
    most cameras only support 2 speeds.
  • Channel 3 allows the camera to be switched on and off.
  • As many or as few channels can be used as is necessary.
  • Supply from RC system can be between 3 and 12 volts.
  • Auxilliary socket for accessory LED or AUDIO indicator.

For control of shutter only, the MULTI port is now supported by gentWIRE-FOCUS, a cost effective solution if you only need to control shutter half-press and full-press.

Feb 2014: Camcorder database has nearly 1200 cameras!

We have updated our Applications to make it easier to find the products you need. As well as our existing Camera Compatability database (containing >580 cameras) we have now added a Camcorder database (with nearly 1200 Camcorders) - That means there are almost 1800 cameras/camcorders that can be remote controlled with our products. See the expanded databases.

Jan 2014: gentWIRE-videoLANC re-design!

With our previous gentWIRE-lancPRO, adapters were required to connect the 2.5mm jack to the A/V and MULTI sockets on newer cameras. It was also complicated to get acccess to the shared video output on these cameras.

Our new range of LANC controllers retain the original features plus:

  • Plugs for A/V and MULTI are built into the device saving weight and complexity,
  • Access to camera video output is provided via gentWIRE-videoLANC.

More Details...

Dec 2013: gentWIRE-lancPLUS now supports Blackmagic

gentWIRE-lancPLUS, our special offering, for professional cameras now supports Blackmagic, including their unique set-focus and iris commands:

  • For professional cameras with interchangable lenses there is no zoom control so REC, STANDBY and PHOTO move to Ch 1 as primary control, with the latching action. Note: The PHOTO command is not supported on Blackmagic cameras, but is included so the device can be used with Sony cameras too.
  • Optional Ch. 2 gives 3 speed control over focus. Focus can be toggled between automatic and manual, then adjusted from near to far. For Blackmagic cameras there is a "set-focus" command.
  • Optional Ch. 3 gives 3 speed control over iris, as well as the "set-iris" command.
    Note: The IRIS command is only supported by Blackmagic cameras.
  • An additional socket (AUX) allows visual or audio indication of unit status using gentWIRE-lancLED or gentWIRE-lancAUDIO.
  • Sony cameras that have gone to 'sleep' can be woken remotely.
  • Blackmagic cameras left in PLAY mode will be automatically changed to REC.

More Details...

Nov 2013: gentLED-AUTO time-lapse application video

To show you what this little intervalometer can achieve
we have put together a 70second demonstration of how
gentLED-AUTO can enable cameras and camcorders
with IR remote control to make time-lapse movies.

More Details...

Nov 2013: RC Remote control for RED Cameras

With these cinema quality cameras you need to conserve memory - Use the RC system to start and stop recording remotely with gentWIRE-RED, capture what you need, and prevent
"memory full" in the middle of the shoot!

More Details...

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