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Dec2005: For Cameras with electrical contacts...
The SWITCH allows these to be controlled too.

A simple device to allow you to control cameras with external shutter contacts. Along with the extensive IR offerings, and the gentWIRE-USB for Nikon cameras, the inexpensive SWITCH further increases our camera triggering options. SWITCH can also be used for many other functions you might want to control via RC, the video downlink for example could be switched on and off. 
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Sep2005: AUTO is completely redesigned!
A completely self-contained intervalometer!

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fits in the palm of your hand!

Reduce the complexity of your system and take pictures continuously with this self-contained intervalometer available for most cameras with IR remote control.

Our original gentWIRE-AUTO required you to add your own battery and wire it up for different time intervals. After listening to customer feedback we have redesigned the unit to be completely self contained and plug and play. The unit now arrives ready to use:

  • Variable delay from 3seconds to 4 minutes (increased to 30minutes in 2008)
  • Built-in on-off switch and battery (included with unit)
  • RED LED indicator when the unit has triggered the camera
  • Weighs only 0.6oz, 18g (including battery)
  • Works with Nikon, Pentax, Canon, Minolta, Olympus, HP, and Toshiba cameras
  • Comes complete with velcro pads, and Operating Manual - all you need to take pictures!

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Self contained, ready to go!

This is a great deal. Although a little more expensive, and slightly heavier, than the old unit you get a solution that works:

  • You don't need to source your own battery and on-off switch,
  • You get variable timing without soldering,
  • You get a visual indication that it's working with the RED LED

We think that compared with sourcing your own parts and soldering it together you'll agree that the new gentLED-AUTO is an ideal solution, all housed in a sturdy little box..

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In the pack - excluding the $!

The CR2032 battery is supplied in the pack, the Operating Manual, as is a Velcro Pad. As long as the IR LED can see the sensor in front of the camera, you'll be taking pictures in seconds!

The battery has been tested thoroughly and will last at least 500,000 flashes, at a 10second flash rate that's over 8 weeks.

Remember to switch it off and it should last even longer!

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7 Camera Makes Supported

With the increase in Digital Camera memory size, and ever lower prices, now is the time to re-think how you do remote photography. Whether you are using Balloons, Kites, RC Planes, or ANY other remote photography, you can reduce the complexity of triggering the camera by using gentLED-AUTO to just trigger the camera continuously and edit out the good shots later at your computer.

Remember the period can be adjusted from 3 seconds to 4 minutes, making it usable for rapid fire as well as time-lapse photography!

For the long delays (>25seconds) the device even sends the IR signal twice - once to wake the camera from sleep and a second time to take the picture. 

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Not all cameras come with an intervalometer built in, and when they do they often limit your flexibility by only offering a limited number of shots, or don't offer a fully variable interval.

Choosing a camera is a difficult business at the best of times to get the features you need for your remote photography application. With gentLED-AUTO you can concentrate on the other parameters, as long as the camera has IR capabillity.

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