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Before 2011 we used the Manufacturer's Remote Controls to help customers order the correct product, since 2011 we have maintained a camera compatibility database allowing customers
to order products based directly on cameras.

This information is provided as a reference only showing what remotes we have used to confirm operation, for a full list of compatible cameras see the camera compatibility page.

Camera Remotes

Canon. Powershot compacts WL-DC100WL-DC100
Canon. dSLR including Rebels
RC-1 RC-1
RC-5   RC-5
Minolta Dimage RC-3       RC-3
Minolta Dimage A200 RC-D1 RC-D1
Nikon. Some compacts and many dSLR models ML-L1ML-L1ML-L3ML-L3
Olympus. Digital Cameras from the late 2000s RM-1       RM-1

RM-2       RM-2

Olympus. Older camera models, system dates back to point and shoot 35mm compacts RC-200  RC-200
Samsung SRC-A1SRC-A1, SRC-A3, SRC-A4, SRC-A5
Pentax TYPE E  TYPE FType E and Type F

Pentax waterproof O-RC1

Hewlett Packard
Toshiba PDR-RM1   PDR-RM1
Casio Exilim   WR-4C
Kodak Professional DCS ProSLR/c RS-21RS-21
Fujifilm RC-S2

Camera Groupings

In order to make it easy to select gentLED devices this site uses the Camera Model as reference. This makes it easier to ensure that your camera is compatible, and what device to buy.

However some gentLEDs transmit a number of codes. This means that if you have two cameras maybe only one device will meet your needs! There is a drawback though, if the codes are long and there are many of them then the last to be sent will suffer a significant delay in being transmitted, thus there will be shutter lag. Also it has been found that some cameras don't like being triggered if they have just had to "ignore" another code.

To check which cameras work "together" note the "Ref" number of the Camera of interest from the compatiblity page then put that number in the "filter" box to select all cameras that use that device.

Camcorder Remotes

We believe that our products work with all Camcorders that claim to have a "Remote Commander" either as an accessory or shipped with the product. Listed below are the devices we used for testing but each Camcorder tends to have its own unique commander to allow the manufacturers to add additional features and buttons, our research shows the core buttons for start/stop, zoom, and photo are the same.

Manufacturer and Camera model remote control example
Aiptek Camcorders (start/stop, zoom & photo) Believed to work on all Aiptek Camcorders
Canon Camcorders (start/stop, zoom & photo). WL-D87WL-D85
JVC Camcorders (start/stop, zoom & photo) JVC-730RMT-V730U 
Panasonic Camcorders (start/stop, zoom & photo)  N2QACC00009, N2QAEC000012/13
N2QAGC000018 N2QACC000023
N2QCBD000030 N2QAEC000022 LSSQ0336 VSQW0044 VEQ1977
Sanyo Camcorders (start/stop, zoom & photo) 
including the Xacti Range
Believed to work on all Sanyo Xacti Camcorders
Sony Camcorders (start/stop, zoom & photo) RMT-814 RMT-830 
RMT-831 RMT-835 RMT-840 RMT-841

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