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gentLED-AUTO intervalometer in a Kite Aerial Photography Rig

These products allow you to fire the shutter continuously every few seconds - an intervalometer. In the application shown our product (the black box gentLED-AUTO) has been fixed to the camera which is designed to hang from a kite line.

With a large memory card 1000s of images are taken and the best are selected after the shoot. This technique can provide remarkable results with a very lightweight set-up.

This technique may be counter intuitive (if you are used to seeing
what you shoot) but it is being successfully used with kites, balloons, poles,  model planes, and helicopters. 

We offer two solutions for this application:

genTIMER forms part of a system for shutter control via a servo motor,

gentLED-AUTO for cameras with IR triggering (see table below)

IR repeat shutter control:

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