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Futaba RC Transmitter sends wirelessly to the RC Receiver then gentLED triggers the camera with IR.

gentLED and gentWIRE products plug into an unused channel of a standard Radio Control system (the ones that are used for model cars, planes, and helicopters). By moving the joy-stick on the transmitter they allow remote control of your cameras shutter (and zoom).
On Camcorders you can control REC, zoom, and PHOTO.

RC systems are cost-effective and offer a good reception range for a variety of applications, so they are widely used for Kites, Balloons and Poles, even if you are not controlling a model. Other channels of the RC receiver can be used to tilt and pan the camera for example.

We offer a number of products to suit different cameras, use the following table to check compatibility, click on the product name to get more information

RC control:

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